Site of Takayama castle ruin (Takayama)                                                                             

   Takayama galleries

Hida Kokubun-ji 
Takayama Jinya 

Pictures from different temples, shrines, gardens and places in  Takayama


Takayama castle ruin (Takayama)

Buildings and park

Sanmachi-suji (old houses)
Takayama Jinya - government house
Takayama town

 Shiroyama park (Takayama)


Museum etc

Festval floats found in Takayama and Sanmachi-suji
Kusakabe folk museum (Takayama)
Market in (Takayama)


Ena Jinja (Takayama)
Hida Gokoku Jinja (Takayama)
Hida Sosha Jinja (Takayama)
Higashiyama Hakusan Jingu (Takayama)
Sakurayama Hachimangu shrine


Dairyu-ji (Takayama)
Hida Kobubun-ji
Hokke-ji (Takayama)
Shoren-ji (Takayama)
Sogen-ji (Takayama)
Soyu-ji (Takayama)
Tensho-ji (Taklayama)

About the photos the use of them


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